Blogger To WordPress Migration Service (6-Step Guide)

Wordpress Migration Service

Are you thinking about Migrating your blog from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress platform? In that case, you’re on the proper track to gaining greater control over your blog (or website) and better customization alternatives.

Lots of people will start on Blogger as it’s unfastened and smooth to use. There’s no disgrace in that; Blogger is a first-rate platform to start gaining knowledge of the change of blogging and website building. But, once you begin getting more site visitors and subscribers, a self-hosted WordPress blog commonly makes extra feel.

You might feel you’ve outgrown Blogger, or perhaps you simply need a few one-of-a-kind alternatives. Either manner, WordPress appeals to severe bloggers for numerous reasons:

In view that you could install your personal plugins, capability alternatives are practically limitless. A self-hosted WordPress blog regularly appears greater professional as there are countless customization alternatives. You’ll have an extra storage area, bandwidth, and different alternatives to improve the functionality of your internet site/blog.

While you self-host, you very own your blog, so there are fewer issue about how your host might use your content material or what sorts of terms of service you have to follow. In case you host on Blogger’s platform, you’re honestly giving Google the rights to manipulate and get admission to your content material and information. With a self-hosted blog, you preserve the rights for your content.

WordPress capabilities greater subject alternatives and gives you get entry to on your weblog’s code, so customizing your website is lots simpler. Fair enough, are you trying to step it up a notch and gain full manipulate over your website and its contents? Then hold analyzing to learn how to circulate your weblog from Blogger to WordPress.

Step One: Find a Host and Install WordPress

The first issue you want is an account with a 3rd-party host. A web host is an enterprise that shops your blog (or website) files on their servers. Not like an unfastened host like Blogger, however, a 3rd-party host does not own your content. Plus, you can get greater storage area, bandwidth, and area website hosting and extra by paying a third-party for web website hosting as opposed to the use of an unfastened carrier.

Web hosting can fee anywhere from a few dollars per month to several hundred depending on the styles of features you want. Maximum small corporations do exceptionally with web hosting a shared server, which costs around $3 – $7 in line with a month. You can also host on a dedicated server for around $100-$350 in step with month, but you probably receiver’s wanted this (as a minimum right away) if you’re moving from an unfastened host like Blogger.

Step Two: Import Your Blog to WordPress

While shifting your blog from Blogger to WordPress, you’re in success. WordPress offers a first-rate simple device for doing just that. Begin by means of backing up your XML template on Blogger simply to be safe. To do that, Select Template out of your side menu on your Blogger dashboard, and then click on Backup/restore.

Step Three: Assign an Author

When you import your Blogger blog, you’ll be taken to a page that asks you to assign a WordPress user to the Blogger posts. If you’re the only consumer at the website online, certainly pick out your call. When you have a couple of WordPress user, choose the right consumer from the drop-down menu to characteristic all the posts to.

Step Four: Edit Your Permalinks

Next, go to Settings > Permalinks in your WordPress dashboard, and make sure your links are set up the same way they were in Blogger. Chances are your links were set up.

Step Five: Redirect Your Blogger Posts

One factor that issue loads of people is what kind of effect Migrating their blog may have at the links and search engine ranking they’ve already established.

The best information is that you don’t just give all this up. All you have to do is redirect your Blogger posts for your new website. That means that every time a person clicks on a current link that points to your Blogger blog, they’ll be taken on your WordPress website and the corresponding pages/posts rather. Your links will nonetheless be live, however, all your traffic will go to your WordPress web page.

This additionally lets serps know that your weblog has moved.
If you recognize not anything about HTML, getting the code to redirect your Blogger blog is absolutely pretty easy. Start with the aid of downloading the Blogger to WordPress Redirection plugin.

Step Six: Redirect Your Feed

You need to make certain your feed subscribers are also redirected to the new website online. in case you’re including new content to the WordPress website however human beings are nevertheless subscribed to the Blogger website, they received be aware you’ve made the transfer. Luckily, this step is truly easy.

Genuinely navigate to Settings > other in your Blogger dashboard. Below website online Feed, click on upload next to post Feed Redirect URL. Paste your new WordPress web site’s feed cope with, and then keep your settings.

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